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Welcome to PremiumPokemon, a group dedicated to featuring the finest of Pokemon fan-art throughout the deviantART community. Unlike most groups, membership is not automatically approved, as we are a group that only grants membership to the skilled Pokémon artists of this website.

Should you wish to apply for membership, simply submit your request with a small, brief introduction about yourself and why you think your art skills match our standards. Keep in mind that if you fail to provide us with an introduction in the application request, you could automatically be rejected. Once you send the application, our admins will browse your gallery to see if your work is the kind of stuff that we are looking for. Do not apply if you have yet to make any Pokemon fan-art, as your membership will be automatically rejected. Your request will be voted upon by our set of admins.

If you do not wish to join, but still want to see the artwork that we accept, then just add the group to your deviantWATCH.:+devwatch:

Being a member of PremiumPokemon:

:pointr: For members, the submission limit is one deviation per week. Also, please keep in mind that even as a member, your artwork will still be passed through our submission process, in which our admins will vote upon using strict quality control.

:pointr: Please contribute your works into the correct folders. If your work in submitted into the wrong one, it will be declined.

:pointr: No WIPs. We accept only finished, high-quality art that meet our standards.

:pointr: No Fakemon. We only accept official characters and Pokémon from the actual series. Original characters are still fine.

:pointr: Our group will currently not accept artwork that is deemed mature, as we try to offer a fair viewing field for both our members and watchers.

:pointr: If you have any questions concerning declined submissions, please comment on the actual submission process of the deviation rather than on our front page. The other deviants do not need to see comments like that.

:pointr: This group will not accept any favourites. We have no use for them.

:pointr: This group does not accept fan-fiction. We are dedicated solely to artwork only.

:pointr: Please do NOT post comments such as spam or self-advertisements, as they will be deleted. Also, any comments from complainers or trolls about how we are "unfair" or how "we don't know good art when we see it" will simply either be ignored or deleted. Any repetitive offenders will be banned.


Q: When if the deviation that I want to submit has a picture of both a 1st generation legendary and any other regular Pokémon?

A: Deviations like these would simply fall under the "Group Pictures or Multiple Generations" folder. However, if it were to be a picture of two or more regular 1st generation Pokémon, then it would still fall under the "1st Generation" folder.

Q: When if the deviation that I want to submit is an anthro/human version of two or more Pokémon?

A: No matter what the subject or characters are, if the picture has human or anthro Pokémon in it, then it should be submitted into the "Human or Anthro" folder.

Q: Can I be an admin? I'd love to help!

A: We are, in fact, in need of some more admins at the current moment, so if you would like to be an admin, simply comment on our recent blog. Your request will be reviewed.

Why we're here:

:pokeball: Our goal is to acquire only the better collection of Pokémon fan-art. One of the sole reasons we do this is because we believe there are way too many groups out there that just go ahead and accept everything and anything, thus making their galleries look a bit messy, while also hindering all the potentially good art. This group fixes that common issue, as the only things you will ever see in your inbox are pure, polished, quality work. Not everything we accept is absolutely perfect, but we try our best.










Hello everybody!

Some of you may have probably noticed that we are accepting and letting expire artworks on a very irregular base lately. That is because we are running low on admins for the moment, and we both have a rather hectic live. We don't always have time to look at your contributions. That's why we came up with a new (or a changed) policy.
To make up for our busy worksheme, we'd like to ask you this: if you have Contributed your work, and it Expires, please recontribute it!
We used to let pieces expire instead of denying them (or be at least very inconsequent with it). From now on we will clearly deny Deviations. We will, however, always include our reasons.
I personally have encountered another problem. Somebody was wondering why their Deviation was denied, while another wasn't. Since only I voted, my personal opion is a little too strong present to my liking. Therefore, wil will now work with a democratic vote system for your deviations. But to be democratic, you need to be with more than two! If you are sufficiently critical, we are very open for admins! (For more details, check this Journal: ) I will adapt the voting system to the amount of new admins.

Thanks for your understanding!
Your friendly neighbourhood admin, Phi8~
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I remember when I used to run this group. Those were some good days.
skitty0 Apr 4, 2014  Student General Artist
Why don't You run it now?
I gave up ownership a couple of years ago.
FuzzyAcornIndustries Dec 31, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Alright, I normally don't crack over something like this, but I need a darn good explanation why this colored pencil drawing of mine was declined:

Where as some digital picture like this was just accepted:
I'm sorry but I can't answer this for you. :( I did not see this piece come through. I'm sorry that it was declined though. I will add it if you would like me to. I've been working 2 retail jobs and christmas just ended. I'm sorry that this upset you.
FuzzyAcornIndustries Jan 8, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Ahahaha, only if you want to add it. I felt bad about bringing it up like I did that I did not really pursue it. I kinda had other important things to do.

Like my two jobs too, so I can feel for you in a sense!

I'm alright either way if you do or do not want to add it. Sorry to have been rude. ^^;
Phi8 Jan 4, 2014  Student
First of all, measuring the quality of something is for the most part a subjective process. The problem is that we're low on admins in this group, so most of the submissions come down to one person, and with only one, personal favor can be stronger present.
I personally think that the quality of your pencil drawing was not as good as the digital drawing. But I ensure you, it had nothing to do with digital or traditional.
I understand why you think that your Cincinno should have been accepted, but there where a few things I didn't like (as objective as I could). For example the anatomy wasn't flawless, the size was too small to really enjoy it, and I think that your fur texture is a little overdone.
As for the Bulbasaur image, I agree that it is very simple, I really doubted when I had to say yes or no. But I think you can also see the quality behind it. There are some aspiring digital artists who make their works really messy, and this is the opposite. The artist knows what she does (or so it seems), and that's the most important thing.
On the other hand, I also really doubted for the Cincinno piece, because you also seem know what you're doing, and there is a above average texture in your drawing. If I had to put them on a scale, where 10 is perfect art and 0 the exact opposite (and where 5 is the edge of accepted or not), I'd say that the Bulbasaur piece is 5,1 and your Cincinno piece 4,9.
And with such small differences, my personal favor comes through I think. So if you really want, you can re-contribute your artwork, and I'll let the judging to my partner.
DeathCodeValid Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi I'm a poke'addict' and I think my Ninetales's fanart can interest you !! (…
Thank You !!
Phi8 Sep 20, 2013  Student
Hi again!
Sorry to bother you, but I contributed my Charizard painting a while ago, and since then there have been a few artworks in my message center from this group. Does that mean my painting isn't good enough? (I can understand it, I just like to know~)
Also, it's not I'm rushed or something, but it's already a long time ago since I asked if you wanted me to be Contributor. You said that was okay, but nothing happened since. It's still okay right? (I just want to get it done, wether it means I can become a Contributor or not. I'd like to help. :))
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