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Welcome to PremiumPokemon, a group dedicated to featuring the finest of Pokemon fan-art throughout the deviantART community. Unlike most groups, membership is not automatically approved, as we are a group that only grants membership to the skilled Pokémon artists of this website.

Should you wish to apply for membership, simply submit your request with a small, brief introduction about yourself and why you think your art skills match our standards. Keep in mind that if you fail to provide us with an introduction in the application request, you could automatically be rejected. Once you send the application, our admins will browse your gallery to see if your work is the kind of stuff that we are looking for. Do not apply if you have yet to make any Pokemon fan-art, as your membership will be automatically rejected. Your request will be voted upon by our set of admins.

If you do not wish to join, but still want to see the artwork that we accept, then just add the group to your WATCH.:+devwatch:

Being a member of PremiumPokemon:

:pointr: For members, the submission limit is one deviation per week. Also, please keep in mind that even as a member, your artwork will still be passed through our submission process, in which our admins will vote upon using strict quality control.

:pointr: Please contribute your works into the correct folders. If your work in submitted into the wrong one, it will be declined.

:pointr: No WIPs. We accept only finished, high-quality art that meet our standards.

:pointr: No Fakemon. We only accept official characters and Pokémon from the actual series. Original characters are still fine. Crossovers are accepted, as long as they are submitted to the "Miscellaneous" folder.

:pointr: Our group will currently not accept artwork that is deemed mature, as we try to offer a fair viewing field for both our members and watchers.

:pointr: If your Deviation submission or join request expires, please recontribute.

:pointr: If your artwork is declined, we will ask you if you want to know why. We will give you a critique on the artwork if you say yes. Keep in mind though that most of us aren't professionals in art.

:pointr: This group will not accept any favourites. We have no use for them.

:pointr: This group does not accept fan-fiction. We are dedicated solely to artwork only.

:pointr: Please do NOT post comments such as spam or self-advertisements, as they will be deleted. Also, any comments from complainers or trolls about how we are "unfair" or how "we don't know good art when we see it" will simply either be ignored or deleted. Any repetitive offenders will be banned.


Q: When if the deviation that I want to submit has a picture of both a 1st generation legendary and any other regular Pokémon?

A: Deviations like these would simply fall under the "Group Pictures or Multiple Generations" folder. However, if it were to be a picture of two or more regular 1st generation Pokémon, then it would still fall under the "1st Generation" folder.

Q: Where do I submit Mega Evolutions or Primal Reversions?

A: In the folder of the generation they were introduced in. So at the time only the "6th Generation" and "6th Generation Legendaries" folders, however that might one day change.

Q: Can I be an admin? I'd love to help!

A: We are, in fact, in need of some more admins at the current moment, so if you would like to be an admin, simply comment somewhere. Your request will be reviewed.

Why we're here:

:pokeball: Our goal is to acquire only the better collection of Pokémon fan-art. One of the sole reasons we do this is because we believe there are way too many groups out there that just go ahead and accept everything and anything, thus making their galleries look a bit messy, while also hindering all the potentially good art. This group fixes that common issue, as the only things you will ever see in your inbox are pure, polished, quality work. Not everything we accept is absolutely perfect, but we try our best.



Not that we stopped doing that really, but we want to get it to attention again because one of our colleagues recently quit. At the moment we're back to two, and it's always nice to have more opinions while discussing art.
If you have a passion for Pokémon fan art and think you would qualify to judge other peoples art (just to be sure, here are some guidelines: ), send us a note, and we'll discuss it!

Your PremiumPokémon admins,
Phi8 and Eskaite
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BlueySerperior Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hey, I was wondering something, so I have a question to ask. :)

What things do you look for in artists like me who's also happens to be a longtime Pokemon fan and artist since I was 4 years old? :)
Do you look for the composition skills, shading, detailing, anatomy, background, textures, and stuff?
I'm an artist who is visual based and sometimes learns what groups like this want if they can show and explain to me what they are looking for. Because if I don't know what groups like this are looking for, it gets hard for me to meet the criteria.
Because, for me since I am an artist who is always looking to improve myself in my art skills to push myself harder always is always very keen in joining such groups like this.

I'm a user of Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 and a Wacom Intuos Tablet by the way :)

Nice group artworks by the way. :)
Keep that up.
Eskaite Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Student General Artist
I don't think being a fan of anything matters much when it comes to drawing. Doing it for so long should be accompanied by consequent practice and ability to observe.
We look for all those things combined into - to put it simply - a well done work of art. We expect from our members to practice, show their best works and practice more. Tools don't matter - we're looking for skill.
BlueySerperior Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Alright :)

Thanks ^^

I just had to  ask and have things explained to me in simple terms because I have Aspergers also known as High Functioning Autism so certain things may be difficult for me to understand if not explained in simple enough terms to me.

But yes, that is true. IF you have a passion for art, then you always have to look for ways to better improve and NEVER give up. :)
Eskaite Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Student General Artist
Indeed - that's the spirit. :)
Zontar-Zon Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would like to know your policies on something.

As far as what is admitted into the group is concerned, by what standards do you hold MS Paint art? I'm asking this because of the heavy bias in the community concerning the program; some "quality" groups don't accept MS Paint art whatsoever, despite what may or may not deem it as quality art.

I've been inquiring the possibility of applying for membership, but I wanted to check with you guys to see whether or not you had specific medium requirements. MS Paint art is not looked upon kindly for the most part, and I make it a habit of seeing viewpoints on the matter before I join groups. Either way, I'm not fussing; I'd just like to know if the medium of the art is a factor in the judgement of the art here.
Eskaite Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Student General Artist
MS Paint is a tool like any other and if you can draw at all, you can create art with it too.
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